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Get ready for the big trip

 Connecting the Iconic Scooby Doo with the World of Crypto and CEO Hype

What is ScoobyCEO

All aboard the Mystery Machine, we are excited to have you all here in ScoobyCEO let’s make this journey a great one and keep our community strong.

Scooby is the infamous OG “hot” dog, we see every dog getting love but decided it’s time to bring fourth the OG dog of our world “Scooby Doo”. ScoobyCEO is a community driven token that connects the name of Scooby Doo with the CEO hype. Join us on this exciting journey 🔥

We are going with a Whitelist presale style with a hardcap of 100bnb and a soft cap of 50bnb. Whitelists will only be given out to based communities to ensure we create a strong $SCEO base.

Scooby Dooby Doo


Tax 10%

5% Marketing
3% USDT Rewards
2% Buybacks




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Upcoming Plans

Phase One

- Assemble Team 
- Website Release
- Whitepaper Release
- Create Smart Contract
- Create Socials
- Audit Contract
- Pinksale KYC 
- Whitelist Presale

Phase Two

- Launch ScoobyCEO
- Burn Tokens
- Marketing Push 
- CMC Listing 
- CG Listing 
- Avdex Listing 
- 1000 Holders

Phase Three

- Further Marketing Push
- Youtube Marketing
- TikTok Marketing 
- Strategic Partnerships 
- Staking and Farming Pools 
- Tier 2 CEX 
- Tier 1 CEX 
- 5000 Holders

Scooby Team






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